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Frame - Horizontal Stainless Steel

Frame - Horizontal Stainless Steel

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Cordivari Design's Frame hydronic radiator is made to seamlessly enhance or fade into the aesthetic your space. Made in a variety of lengths and widths from polished stainless steel, a mirror ready to reflect your inspiration.

Use the Lynea line of accessories, ranging from hooks and towel hangers to subtle wood shelving, to make Frame the perfect heating element for any space, from the bath to the boardroom.

Cordivari offers a 10 year warranty on all stainless steel radiators and a 5 year warranty on all other radiators ONLY IF original Cordivari parts are used during installation.

Please be sure to consult a licensed plumber about which parts are needed to complete your installation.
Complete your installation with Cordivari warrantied valves and parts listed at the bottom of this page under "Installation parts"
All radiators come with the fixing kit (for mounting).