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Lola Horizontal

Lola Horizontal

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Cordivari Design's LOLA radiator is the icon par excellence of designer stainless steel radiators. Well-being and relaxation take shape through the attractive and soft lines of LOLA, which is available in polished, satin or Decor stainless steel, and with your choice of 11 or 14 heating elements.

The play of light and reflections that glide through the radiant surfaces of the design radiator provide an atmosphere of comfort and well-being. LOLA radiator is a timeless classic, ideal for furnishing and providing comfort in both classic and modern environments.

Cordivari offers a 10 year warranty on all stainless steel radiators and a 5 year warranty on all other radiators ONLY IF original Cordivari parts are used during installation.

Please be sure to consult a licensed plumber about which parts are needed to complete your installation.
Complete your installation with Cordivari warrantied valves and parts listed at the bottom of this page under "Installation parts"
All radiators come with the fixing kit (for mounting)